Monday, February 15, 2010

Stop, Drop and Roll

Arbiddance watched in total disbelief as Xis pulled a tapestry off the wall and wrapped in it as he dropped to the floor and rolled.

He had no idea what the source of flame was, but it was apparently from the hollow screams and thrashing that the lich was terrified, and not just of the fire.  Something or someone terrible was loose in these halls.

Arbiddance crouched behind the platform and did what any good magician would do upon awakening from a long, mind-numbing sleep: he checked to see what spells he remembered.

Another set of feet quickly entered the room from an unknown source and vectored toward the door.  Arbiddance ventured a peak around the side of the platform, and his blood ran cold as he thought he saw Ariya Thule exit the room swords drawn.

I'm seeing things, he thought to himself and switched to an even more chilling concept: I don't remember any spells.

He searched the pockets of his robes for anything useful and found nothing at all.

Xis rose from the tangle of smoldering tapestry... stripped of his decayed robes to reveal his emaciated form.  The lich's eyes scanned himself for obvious damage... finding plenty... and then peered up to the empty platform.  Arbiddance ducked back out of sight.  A hiss of frustration escaped through the room and leathery footsteps made for the door.

Arbiddance released his breath and shifted slightly to rise, as a hideous hand snapped around the platform, grabbed his ankle.  The magician howled as its icy grip tightened and a chill extended up his leg.

Arbiddance wildly kicked at the lich's grip as the bone-chilling cold ripped through his leg and up into his torso.  Despite his strongest blows, he couldn't shake Xis as the creature began to drag him from behind the platform and into the clear part of the room.

At last the magician pulled a desperate ploy.  He twisted to his right, forcing Xis' arm to roll in order to maintain the grip and expose his elbow... on to which Arbiddance brought his left heel down with all his remaining strength.  The lich, even dead, felt the blow; Xis released his grip and snarled.

Arbiddance rolled to once side, saw a ki-rin, and then attempted to stand.  He stopped and looked again at the doorway and gawked at the creature as it bull-rushed the lich...