Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scorecard... Can't Tell The PCs Without A Scorecard...

A private inquiry for some time back about what the PCs of this story look like prompted me to finally make this post. Below are images of actors who more than resemble our heroes...

So if this were a movie or miniseries, who would play who?

Arbiddance (played by Joe Montegna of Criminal Minds)

Qovakrisstia Darkhair (played by a younger and hotter Kirstie Alley... indeed, she was the inspiration for the PC years ago)

Hern of Kalmyr (played by Josh Holloway of Lost)

The Grinning Prince (played by... who else?... the great Tim Curry)

The Lord Falang (played by the subtly creepy Kyle MacLachlan)

So now you know who to think about as the story continues...

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