Friday, December 25, 2009

Somebody's Watching Me

He watched the slim fighter slip down the stairwell and into the area below.

The scene in his crystal ball shifted as the Prince roamed short corridors which led to empty rooms... slowly closer to this hidden chamber in which Xis sulked.

The skeletal figure turned to Ariya. "Find him.  This time destroy him and bring his corpse back if you can, but get those swords he carries."

Ariya Thule nodded and departed noiselessly. Xis hissed and leaned back in his ornate chair.

Are these interlopers worth the trouble of keeping them?  Would it be better to simply kill the other two as well?

He turned to gaze upon the raven haired cleric trapped in the violet energy field on the platform.  Such a marvelous tap for spiritual energy.  She really is a conduit for so many gods, and so confused... so easy to confuse...

And the magician... the strong willed wizard from the southern lands.  His mind was such an effort to trap and bend, but what could be tapped from him before he is reduced to a husk?

Xis hissed again and pondered the possibilities.

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