Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Interim Glossary

Several terms have been used over the last few episodes which need explanation and will enrich the reader's experience.

Alpine Throne: the ruling seat of the Northern Kingdom. Presently kept warm by Rathof IV (until someone more inspiring to the clans comes along).

Anayari: pertaining to the culture of Anayar, the kingdom of the grey nobles who once ruled the area surrounding the Sea of Tombs and beyond. The Anayari display considerable talents in the areas of art and music, but alas, not war. Their kingdom was shattered by the clans who came from the north and carved their own territories around the Sea.

Balesire: the 5th Duke of Talons. Ruler of The Naej.

Black Sun: the dreaded astronomical phenomenon seen on a complicated schedule. The Black Sun rises from the south and travels north over Shiaar during its time (which is slightly less than one full day). Under its influence, wizards will find their magic at its highest peak, and other events both baleful and strange occur during this time.

Kalmyr: the great ice-locked city to the north. Hern hails from here.

Marchtongue: the commonly spoken dialect used in the March area. A mixture of many tongues with Anayari in dominance.

Naej, The: one of the duchies on the western banks of the Sea of Tombs. Ruled by the Duke of Talons.

Nerve Weaver: the otherworldly ruler of Veronic in the Onrothy.

Onrothy, The: the eastern most duchy around the Sea of Tombs. Basically a bandit realm with a few walled cities.

Overking: the ruler of the Northern Kingdom and the occupant of the Alpine Throne.

Raban: the largest city in the Onrothy.

Sea of Tombs: the large body of eerie water in the Raven March. Hundreds of ancient tombs lie beneath the water line and quite a few above it. A popular resort with adventurers and pirates.

Talos: the capitol city of the Naej and the ruling seat for Balesire, the Duke of Talons.

Veronic: the great walled city in the south of the Onrothy. The greatest and most dangerous magicians in the March are to be found here, and... if you dabble in magic... this is the place to be during the Black Sun.

West Forest: the great forest west of Talos. The site of Doomwatch; other that, not a dangerous place since it is heavily patrolled by the soldiers of the Naej.

Ydric, Duchy of: the decadant duchy to the northwest of the Sea of Tombs.


  1. Its nice of you to give us a glossary, but I believe that it is a demonstration of narrative skills to give us this information through the story itself, as it doesn't breaks the inmersion (which I have on high regard) and works somehow like a puzzle, making us wonder if the character is describing the different places or people with any bias.

    Anyway, this is only a suggestion, as I'm very much enjoying your story and having a great time discovering this world surrounding the Doomwatch dungeon.

  2. That's an good point. Thanks for that.