Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Interruption

Allow me a moment, Gareth, to explain Qova's quizzical statement concerning the night of her birth. Qovakrisstia Darkhair, according to her private conversations with me, was born on the night of the fourth New Moon during the 18th year of the reign of Kana the Great over The Onrothy. This would make her roughly 26 years of age. She had previously mentioned five gods afoot in Raban before, and I later gathered that her parents were greatly relieved she came into the world so easily and had not tarried until after midnight; the following day belonged to the Black Sun. I suspect the proximity of her birth to that event colored her both physically and emotionally. Nonetheless, she is consecrated to those five gods and not the Black Sun (to her fortune). Those five gods would be, for your reference: Daen, Kaenorr, Vaekainen, Kae'Aboth, and Stygius. Why these five descended on the city of Raban in one night is another tale.

Also for your reference, I serve Abaoth, and your brother, as you know, was consecrated to the Ice Raven.

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