Monday, January 25, 2010


Daen, Kaenorr, Vaekainen, Kae'Aboth, Stygius. I beseech you.  I believe five are mightier than one.  I believe, now my mind is unshackled, that  you will free me rather than abandon me to my fate.  I implore those five who walked on the night of my birth.  I have served you well and will again.  Free me now, I beg of you, and give me the power to destroy my captor.  So let it be.

And after an hour of prayer, Qova found herself free.

Bare, but free.  Weaponless, but found her prayers had been answered with the ability to cast spells in the name of her Five.  She didn't move for a span of a few minutes, as if afraid she were dreaming all of this.  The energy field was gone... wisping away like smoke. Suddenly, she grasped it to be true, and stepped off the platform.

To the right, in the dim light, she spied a cabinet.  Padding to it, she pulled the door open and saw it stuffed with her possessions and those of her friends.  She pawed through the familiar items and found what she was looking for.  She slipped it over her head and around her neck, just as the door flew open.

Xis burst into the room, and if a lich could have a look of shock in its face, then Xis was stunned to see the platform empty.  He whirled to his left as Qova began to chant, and as he brought up an amulet for protection, he locked eyes with the raw, naked goddess Qova as her hands came down and pointed at him... and xis exploded in a column of white-hot flame.

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