Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To The Surface

The first sunlight he had seen in over two months blinded him at first... rendering the guards to shapeless masses moving in his blurred vision.  He quickly adjusted and saw the captain of the guard standing before him.

"Where is the Baron?" the captain asked.

"Well, let's say he's not going anywhere at the moment, unless Xis should decide to emerge," the Prince quipped. "Through that door, at any moment."

The guards began to look at each other at the mention of Xis.  The Captain seemed unimpressed. "Are you saying the Baron is incapacitated?"

"No... just out of touch at the moment as far as you're concerned, and since I'm his lieutenant, then listen up.  Some people will be arriving in due time, looking for me and my new friends," he thumbed toward Malek and his party. "You know... the ones who got past your guards? When the visitors arrive, they are to be admitted straight into the manor.  Understand?"

"I need to know..." the captain began.

"You need to obey your orders, lest I inform the Baron you're being horsey with his advisors."

The captain bowed and stepped away.  The Prince took a moment to survey the countryside around him and around to Malek who was whispering to a crow.

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